Tomorrow Night

Artist Name: 
Bob Dylan
Good As I Been To You

Tomorrow Night
By Sam Coslow and Will Grosz

Recorded in 1947 by Lonnie Johnson and by Elvis in 1957. I learned it from the Dylan version.
I play this on gutiar and Ukulele.

(F)To (C7)morrow (F)Night  (F7)will you remember (Bb)what you said

tonight? Tommorrow (Bbm)Night (C7)will all the thrill be (F)gone)

(F#7) (Gm7)

(C7)Tommorrow (F)Night_________(F7)Will it be just another (Bb)memory?

 or just another (Bbm)song  (C7)that's in my heart to linger (F)on

(Bb) (F)

(C)Your lips are so (F)tender

(C)Your heart is beating (F)fast

(Am)and you willingly surrender

(Dm)to me, but (C)darling (Bb)will it (C7)last?

(nc)Tommorrow (F)Night

(F7)will you be with me when the (Bb)moon is bright

tommorrow (Bbm)night

Will you (C7)say those lovely things you said tonigh(F)t  (Bb)  (F)

Opens with Harmonica to the opening chords from (F) to (Gm7)

Alternate lyrics:

Tommorrow Night Will you remember what you said tonight?
Tommorrow Night Will all the thrill be gone?
Tommorrow Night____will It Be Just Another Memory
or just another song  That's in my heart to linger on

Your kisses (are) so Tender
As I was leading Fast
And you willingly surrender
To me, but Darling will it last?
Tommorrow Night
Will You Be with Me When The Moon Is Bright?
Tommorrow Night
Will It Be Just A Vivid Dream(s) Tonight?