Stuck ~1

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                          STUCK ON YOU

A.   You can shake an apple off an apple tree

     Shake a shake,Oh sugar, but you'll never shake me
           A7                 E
     Ah ah ah, no siree, ah ah ah.
                 B             A7              (E -E )
     I'm gonna stick like glue, stick because I'm
     Stuck on you.

A.   I'm gonna run my fingers through your long black hair
     Squeeze you tighter than a grizzly bear.
     Ah ah . . .
(E  E  F# F#  G #  G #)
B.   Hide in the kitchen, hide in the hall
     Ain't gonna do you no good at all
     Cos once I catch you and the kissing starts
     A team of wild horses couldn't tear as apart.

A.   I'm gonna take a tiger for the Daddy's side
     That's how our love is gonna keep us tight.
     Ah . . .

 (E  D  D  C # C # B B)
B.   Hide in the kitchen . . .

A.   I'm gonna