Sensitive Kind

Artist Name: 
JJ Cale
Sensitive Kind

Dm                         Dm C  Dm
Don't take her for granted
Dm                         Dm  C Dm
She has a hard time
Dm                         G  F  G
Don't misunderstand her
G                          Dm  C Dm
Or play with her mind
Dm                         Dm C  Dm
Treat her so gently
Dm                         G   F G
It will pay you in time
G                          Dm Dm A
you got to know
A                          Dm  C Dm
She's the sensitive kind.

I play this mostly around the fifth fret:

Dm = x5776x
C  = x7555x
G  = xx978x  or  x5543x
F  = xx756x  or  x3321x
A  = x7756x