Cowgirl In The Sand

Artist Name: 
Neil Young

Am                   F
Hello cowgirl in the sand

Am                    F
Is this place at your command

C     G          Fmaj7     G
Can I stay here  for      awhile

C     G        Fmaj7         G
Can I see your sweet  sweet  smile

          Dm    Em          C           F
chorus:   Old enough now to change your name

               Dm      Em          C      F
          When so many love you is it the same

          It's the woman in you that makes you want to

          C         F
          play this game

(play the following run)

|-------------5--2-----   /C  C  G/   A  / Am /  F  / .....

(/ / = one measure of 4 counts)

Hello ruby in the dust
Has your band begun to rust
After all the sin we've had
I was hoping that we'd turn bad

Hello woman of my dreams
Is this not the way it seems
Purple words on a gray background
To be a woman and to be turned down


Acoustically, I play it with the following chords(so I have
half a chance to be able to sing it :-) ) :

verse:  Em        C
        Em        C
        G      D    Cmaj7/G   D
        G      D    Cmaj7/G   D

chorus: Am   Bm     G  C   
        Am   Bm     G  C
        Am   G      C

(play the following run)
|--------2--0------   / G  G  (D/F#) / E / Em / C /....

D/F#  = 200232
Cmaj7/G = 332000