Artist Name: 
Bob Dylan
From: Craig Alexander ( Angelina from the
Bootleg Series (tune down half step) Intro D (I believe) G D Well it's always
been my nature to take chances A D My right hand drawin' back while my left
hand advances G D Where the current is strong and the monkey dances A To the
tune of a concertina G D Blood dryin' in my yellow hair as I go from shore to
shore A D I know what it is that has drawn me to your door G D But whatever
could it be makes you think you've seen me before A Angelina G D A Oh Angelina
Oh Angelina His eyes were two slits making a snake proud With a face that any
painter would paint as he walked through the crowd Worshipping a God with the
body of a woman well-endowed And the head of a hyena Do I need your permission
to turn the other cheek If you can read my mind why must I speak Though I have
heard nothin' about the man that you've seen Angelina Oh Angelina Oh Angelina
In the valley of the giants where the stars and stripes explode The peaches
they were sweet and the milk and honey flowed I was only followin' instructions
when the judge sent me down the road With your subpoena When you cease to exist
who will you blame I tried my best to love ya but I cannot play this game Your
best friend and my worst enemy is one in the same Angelina Oh Angelina Oh
Angelina There's a black Mercedes rollin' through the combat zone Your servants
are half dead you're down to the bone Tell me tall man where would you like to
be overthrown In Jerusalem or Argentina She was stolen from her mother when she
was three days old Now her vengence has been satisfied and her possessions have
been sold He's surrounded by God's angels and she's wearin' a blindfold But so
are you Angelina Oh Angelina Oh Angelina I see pieces of men marchin' tryin' to
take Heaven by force I can see the unknown rider I can see the pale white horse
In God's Truth babe tell me what you want and you can have it of course Just
step into the arena Lead a path of retreat up them spiral staircases Past the
tree of smoke past the angel with four faces Begging God for mercy weepin' in
unholy places Angelina Oh Angelina Oh Angelina Oh Angelina Oh Angelina