All I Really Want To Do

Artist Name: 
Bob Dylan
From: (Juergen Wuest)

All I really want to do  -  Bob Dylan

From his album `Another Side of Bob Dylan', 1967

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**Capo second fret**

Chords used:      EADGBE         EADGBE       EADGBE
             C    x32010    G    320003     D xx0232
             C3rd xx5553    G3rd xx5433

Intro: G

C3rd    G3rd       D            G
I ain't looking to compete with you

C       G        D        G
Beat or cheat or mistreat you

C3rd  G3rd   D     G
Simplify you classify you

C      G     D    G
Deny defy or crucify you

G3rd  C3rd           G   C  G3rd
All I really want to do

   D       G                 C  G  D  G  C  G  D  G  C  G
is baby be friends with you.

No and I ain't looking to fight with you
frighten you or uptighten you
drag you down or drain you down
chain you down or bring you down

All I ...

I ain't looking to block you up
shock or knock or lock you up
Analyze you categorize you
finalize you or advertise you

All I ...

I don't wanna straightface you
race or chase you, track or trace you
or disgrace you or displace you
or define you or confine you

All I ...

I don't wanna meet your kin
make you spin or do you in
or select or dissect you
or inspect you or or reject you

All I ...

I don't wanna fake you out
take or shake or forsake you out
I ain't looking for you to feel like me
see like me or be like me

All I ...