1956 Supro Comet Lap Steel Guitars

Got this on eBay from a guy in Medford. He said his dad gave it to him 15 years ago and before that it was hs grandmother's. I was looking for either a Supro, National, or other Valco brand. These all have a "string-through" pickup which is really hot. It makes this guitar better for blues then country but works for anything.

Here is what someone said about Supro:

Supro is a limb on the National/Dobro family tree ... I think the name first appeared on lower-priced steel-bodied and plywood resonators (Collegians and Arcadias, respectively) in the late 1930s. After World War II, National/Dobro was reorganized as Valco, producing National and Supro as well as lap steels branded as Oahu, Airline, Silvertone, Bronson and Gretsch (among others). The Supro lap steels tend to be similar to the National models; however, unlike Nationals, virtually all Supro steels have the string-through pickup (as do most Oahus). The pickup tends to sound much more "dirty" and "bluesy" than Rickenbacher horseshoes, Fender's trapezoid string-through or Gibson's blade-type pickups; when you "shift" into overdrive it really comes into its own. (Ry Cooder has a Valco string-through pickup on his favorite bottleneck Strat. Jimi Hendrix's first electric guitar -- a Supro Ozark -- came equipped with one.)

I gave this to Adinah in 2012 or so. Maybe when her kids are bigger she'll learn to play it.