Martin 000-16 Custom

Martin 000-16 Custom

Saw this on Reverb on couldn't pass it up.

  • 000 size
  • 12 fret slot head
  • Spruce top
  • Rosewood back and sides

The 16 series is an interesting mix. This one is from the custom shop so there are probably not very many like it. At first I really wasn't sure the back and sides were real wood, but they are indeed East Indian Rosewood. Now East Indian Rosewood is nothing like Brazilian Rosewood, but it is very different from the Mahogany of all my other guitars.

Having gone the full route from a dreadnaught to a parlor size guitar I was curious if an 000 would be the sweet spot for sound, volume, and playability. I'm thinking it might be. Here is a size comparison. 

guitars Left to right, Martin 0-15, Larrivee OO-03, Martin 000-16

With all of these 12 fret guitars the body is longer, and thus has more volume (both in space and sound), than their 14 fret counterparts.

The sound is very nice with a rich bass and bell like highs. It sounds good strummed or finger picked.

I got what I thought was a pretty good deal on it because the top has some dings and scratches. A shame really but doesn't affect the playability or sound at all

As of July 2022 this is my everyday player.